Simple Ways to Protect Your Ears From Damage

The health of your ears can be easily overlooked. Hearing loss emerges slowly and most of its symptoms are very common and disposable. However, once affected there is no going back from hearing disability. So, it is better that we take proper care of our ears. We should all take preventive measures to keep our ears safe:

Earplugs: It is a very small step that has huge benefits. If you are someone who is constantly exposed to loud noises, use ear-plugs. It will keep your ears safe as well as reduce the chances of you getting a headache from the noise.

Check the Volume: Youth, especially teenagers, like their music loud. Earphones and earbuds are the leading cause for noise-induced hearing loss. Earbuds are especially dangerous, as they fit directly next to the eardrum. If possible, opt for over-the-ear headphones. Hearing aids Miami can help you if you need more.

No Cotton Buds:  It is always better that you do not use cotton swabs to clean your ears. It is appreciable that you want them clean all the time, but it can damage the eardrums and can lead to hearing impairment. Also your ears have the nature of cleaning themselves. Above all the wax that is present protects the drums from damage. So it is better that you avoid buds.

Ears Also Need Rest: If you are at a club or a concert where the noise is too high to stand, we suggest that you step out to a more peaceful spot for 10-15 minutes. Constantly being in an environment where the noise is too high is not good for your ears.

 Keep Your Ears Dry: So this is when you can use a swab to clean your ears. It could after playing the beach or after a head bath. There are good chances that you might have a lot of water, and if that is not cleaned and is in store for a long time, then that can also damage your ears.

Use Eardrops to clean your Ears: A common symptom of wax build-up is a mild hearing loss, known as conductive deafness, as sounds can’t pass freely through the ear canal because of a blockage. Olive oil is often recommended, and although it’s not as effective, it will soften the wax. You can use eardrops made of sodium bicarbonate to dissolve impacted wax.

Exercise: Little did all of know about the impact that consistent exercise habits can have on our ears. Yes, exercise keeps your body fit. But are you aware of the fact that it can also keep your ears healthy? Yes, you heard it right. Exercises like walking, running and jogging is also improve the health of your ears and protects them from damage.

These measures will help you prevent hearing loss. Always remember that your health is in your own hands. Never forget to take care of yourself.